Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Green Hornet and the Sushi USB Thumbdrive

I have seen a few episode of he Green Hornet's classic TV series as a kid and I didn't expect much upon going to the SM Cinema premiere of the Green Hornet movie earlier this week at SM Megamall.

I was wrong in thinking that it will just be like the TV series. On the contrary, it was awesome!

The new Green Hornet was made into a light comedy-action film - a refreshing take on something that's supposed to be a serious one. Mid-way in the movie, I realized that Seth Rogen who played the Green Hornet, and Jay Chou as 'Kato,' fit their roles perfectly in this comedy-action movie hit. I cannot think of any other mainstream actors to substitute them.
The movie started by establishing the Green Hornet duo's beginnings following the death of Britt Reid, the Green Hornet's father. Although it started slow, I believe it was necessary to establish the plot ground-work. After inheriting his father's newspaper business, he teams up with his dad's mechanic Kato who eventually became his nameless sidekick and lifesaver...almost all the time. :)

Although Seth Rogen came out really stupid-looking for a lead actor, it seemed necessary for his character where director Michel Gondry and writers Evan Goldberg, George Trendle, and Rogen himself successfully pulled-off. Other casts include Cameron Diaz, Christoph Waltz, Tom Wilkinson, and David Harbour.
Cameron Diaz
Jay Chou
The Green Hornet Movie

If you haven;t seen the movie, check out this Green Hornet movie trailer:

Make this weekend a green weekend with your family. Catch them in your favorite SM Cinema movie theaters nationwide. Check out as well Discovery Channel's interesting feature this January 28, 2011 in "Mythbusters" where movie stunts and wonders are featured. Some scenes from the Green Hornet will be shown and investigated.

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