Thursday, January 27, 2011

Being Human Premieres on AXN Beyond

Make your night supernatural with Being Human as it premieres on AXN Beyond!

This brand new drama series starts two weeks after the US debut. Do you have a housemate? Then you can fully relate. It gets more complicated if your housemate is not that much of a human as you would nirmally assume.

It premieres February 2, 2011 and every Wednesday 9pm exclusively on AXN Beyond. It follows three 20-something housemates – vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer, Battlestar Galactica), ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath, 15/Love, The Assistants) and werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington, Superman Returns). The paranormal trio shares each others’ secrets and complexities of double lives.

This marks a breakthrough in the speed that new US drama series reach Asian shores. From an average 6 – 8 months gap for most American TV series, Being Human is coming to Asia after just two weeks of its premiere in the US. This represents a unique fresh American drama without the long wait, first and exclusively on AXN Beyond.

Being Human re-imagines the acclaimed UK drama series of the same title created by Toby Whithouse. The original Being Human won the ‘Best Television Drama Series’ honour at the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Awards in November 2010.
Being Human Cast
The series explores what it means to be human through the eyes of three outsiders. The trio learn that there are fates worse than death and that there is more to life, the afterlife, and what mostt "normal" humans could imagine.

Aidan was a Revolutionary War soldier who sacrificed himself to vampires to spare his men. Now, some 260 years later, he is still struggling to escape the clutches of his charismatic, yet menacing and powerful mentor, Bishop (Mark Pellegrino, Lost, Supernatural). Josh was a promising medical student forced to abandon his family and future after a werewolf attack left him cursed with uncontrollable, beastly transformations each month. And Sally, happily engaged before her tragic accidental death in her new home, must now figure out how to move on as a ghost.

Aside from positive reviews, Being Human debuted in the US with almost 2 million viewers and has become the TV network’s most-watched, winter-launched scripted drama since 2005. Watch out for Allow Aidan, Josh and Sally  every Wednesday night on AXN Beyond.


  1. i missed the premiere of Being human. :(

  2. The premiere was ok, but the next episodes were so-so only.