Saturday, March 27, 2010

Si Romeo, Si Juliet, at ang Kanilang mga Magulang

Romeo, Juliet, at Ang Kanilang Mga Magulang (Romeo, Juliet, and Their Parents) - that could have been an alternative title for the Filipino independent film premiere I watched last night.

This is so since the theme of the movie has a lot to do with their parents, how they brought them up and how it affected their behavior and outlook in life.

The film director, Adolf Alix, Jr. approached it in a creative manner that leaves an impact in your thoughts as a moviegoer.

The film started with the usual poverty stricken life of a young woman named Angel who was forced to sell her body to the demons for some cash...until Romeo came. It initially looked like a predictable movie whose plot has been overused.

However, as the individual characters were introduced and stories unfold, the moviegoer's inquest grows. The plot thickens and becomes eccentric - a necessary ingredient for such an uneasy point the story writer wants to drive at.
"Tell me who your parents are and I will tell you who you are."

The movie shows how much a child's environment or how he/she is raised largely affects behavior and how they react in life; to life. How simple words and captured images can mold their feeble young minds into what they can be; or cannot be.

I am not a fan of Victor Basa's acting prowess and I have to admit that I questioned the choice when I knew the lead actors and actresses of the movie. But after watching it, I then knew why Victor was chosen, and I think it was the right choice - he fit the character more than anyone else.

Watch 'Romeo at Juliet' upto the end and gain a little more understanding about life and family. Watch 'Romeo at Juliet' and gain an interest of  who are the mothers and fathers of your closest loved ones.

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