Monday, March 1, 2010

My Movie Manila & The Big Screen

Movie media nowadays come in different forms. With the boom of the DVD industry worldwide and the Blue Ray format slowly coming into mass market with lowering prices, watching movies is almost readily available.

But watching movies in the Big Screen is still different. The experience distinctive.

Here in Manila, or generally the Philippines, the movie house experience has trmendously improved in the past few years.

State of the art cinemas such as 3D technology and IMAX theaters have caught the mainstream market as evidenced in the numbers.

There is at least one 3D cinema in almost all major malls here Metro Manila. A new IMAX theater has been launched last year by the SM Malls. It is the second IMAX theater in the Philippines.

With this in mind, My Movie Manila aims to give you the latest news about movies worldwide including occasional movie reviews the author will be watching. We also hope to organize a collection of movie screening schedules from different major malls from Metro Manila and even beyond. We could have some contests and movie premieres along the way as well.

Join me and catch the experience of watching movies in Manila

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