Tuesday, March 23, 2010

'Romeo At Juiet' Movie Synopsis

The "Romeo at Juliet" movie presents an unconventional love story of two souls haunted by their inescapable past and repressed emotions.
It will  engage you in a dramatic journey of discovering a twisted side of love as complexly tragic but as humbly inspiring as life itself.

Angel has been languishing in her “trauma” that started at a very tender age.
Her life changed dramatically when she falls in love with Joseph, a man whose life has been enmeshed in striving to be righteous with her controlling mother.
 Their relationship could have been perfect but uncontrollable circumstances set in, they travail into tearing drama reminiscent of the Shakespearian tragedy- entangled with lies, deceit, hate and ultimately love.
Discover more about a person from their parental background. Dwell in the other's characters of the movie and appreciate each of their uniqueness. Discover the Romeo and Juliet of this movie.

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