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Romantic-Comedy Movie "My Candidate" Stars Derek Ramsey, Iza Calzado & Shaina Magdayao

In a relevant-to-the-times kind of romantic-comedy film, showbiz hunk Derek Ramsay, Iza Calzado and Shaina Magdayao gives us a different tale of love fit for the election season through the new "My Candidate” movie.
My Candidate Movie
"My Candidate" Movie

My Candidate Movie

The film is set against a political background and so, it is timely as today's headlines. Derek Ramsey plays Congressman Sonny Suarez, now seeking a Senate seat. He may be a perfect candidate but is painfully shy and a bit withdrawn.

And just in time, Shaina, whose character is Billie Pono, plays a life coach and communications trainer.  Sonny's campaign team hires her services to help polish their candidate's public speaking skill and innate charisma.

Iza, meanwhile, is Vera Sanchez, Sonny's erstwhile girlfriend and arch rival in his senatorial bid. She possesses strengths lacking in Sonny.  She's charming as well as engaging but is not able to relate to people from the grassroots.
Derek Ramsey
Derek Ramsey & Shaina Magdayao
Rom-Com Plot

Billie succeeds at turning Sonny into the dream candidate and the two become close while at work. In turn, Sonny is able to unleash some unresolved issues  in Billie's life, including her insecurities thereby making her a better version of herself.
My Movie Manila thinks that Derek played his part very well blossoming form a timid congressman into a well-rounded "public servant" through Shaina's help. We believe Iza was the best actress fit for the role in this movie. Her "plastic" character behind the angelic face embodies a lot of our modern-day politician and candidates who only wants the masses' votes but has an ulterior motive. 
The team-up of Derek and Shaina can also make the movie-goers go "kilig", especially in scenes where her character finds herself slowly falling in love with Sonny.
Trinoma Cinema
Special Screening at TriNoMa Mall Cinema 3 in Quezon City
My Candidate
Meeting the Cast of "My Candidate"
We heard that Direk Quark Henares is satisfied with his three main stars plus the support cast composed of Al Tantay, Nico Antonio, Ketchup Eusebio, Ricci Chan, Jun Sabayton and Tirso Cruz III in a special role.

Also part of the movie is box-office director Dan Villegas, who serves as Creative Producer. Direk Dan is the genius behind such award-winning and blockbuster films as “English Only, Please” and "#Walang Forever." His latest hit project is “Always Be My "Maybe."

Moreover, the movie's teaser immediately earned almost a million views, shares and likes the minute it was posted on the "MC" Facebook page with praises for Derek, Iza and Shaina's outstanding performances.

"My Candidate" is from Quantum Films, MJM Productions, Tuko Film Productions and Butchi Boy Films, producers of the award-winning and critically-acclaimed romantic-comedy films, “English Only, Please" and “#Walang Forever.”
My Candiditae Movie Review
Catch "My Candiditae" Film on May 11 in Theaters.
"My Candidate” gives the election season a romantic twist starting May 11, 2016 in theaters nationwide. Although we hoped that the movie was shown a week or two earlier, it is still a very good movie to watch with your special someone.

Congratulations to Derek Ramsay, Iza Calzado and Shaina Magdayao and Direk Quark Henares for the "My Candidate" movie!

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