Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Meet the SUPERDUDES at Century City Mall "Superdudes Show & VIP Workshop"

Great news for kids! SUPERDUDES children‘s book creator Stevie Nicholson is in the Philippines! And they will be holding a book signing, show, and VIP workshop on April 16 at the Century City Mall Event Center
The SUPERDUDES at Century City Mall

Indeed, it’s going to be a truly super summer for kids as Century City Mall hosts Superdudes, live at the mall's fifth-level Event Center! My Movie Manila was able to cover the press launch held earlier today at the same venue with the cast members Pencil Pirate, Flutterby, Bubble Trouble, and of course, Superdude himself!

SuperDudes Faces SuperMedia

Superdudes is a funny and quirky children's book created by Stevie Nicholson, a member of the well-loved Australian children's musical group Hi-5. The book, with illustrations by Nick Rudich, focuses on capturing the imagination of children in a playful and engaging way and is based on the philosophy that absolutely anyone and anything can be Super!

In the press conference, the Superdudes team readily answered all the questions both form the media and the children alike. Aside from the usual questions, the crowd bursted into giggles as one kid inquired why Stevie left his former group Hi-5 and became part of the Superdudes.
Superdudes Meets the Press
Meet (left to right) Flutterby, Superdude Stevie Nicholson, Bubble Trouble, and Pencil Pirate
Superdudes Answers Questions
Nicholson answered the query both in jest and sincerity saying that he had a great expericne and time with Hi-5 and he just thought that it was time for him to do something different this time around, and hence is now part of this group.

Superdudes Show & VIP Workshop

Good news! Get to meet the cast of Superdudes in person on April 16!

Enjoy the ultimate Superdudes experience with a Show and Workshop featuring Stevie Nicholson and the Superdudes in a fun-filled stage show!
Superdudes Mall Show & VIP Workshop
Superdudes Mall Show & VIP Workshop
The Team
Century City Mall
Supported by Century City Mall, Hotel 101 Manila, and Cebu Pacific
Show Tickets

The ticket of Php 1,500 admits 1 child and 1 adult, and comes with a free Php l,500 worth of Century City Mall Gift Certificates so it's almost FREE!

Buy your tickets at Ticket World .

Moreover, the Concierge booth at the ground level of Century City Mall will also offer tickets having starting April 4. Know more about the show and VIP Workshop by calling the Century City Mall Concierge at 705-6200 loc. 111/112.
Superdude Philippines
Superdudes in the Philippines
SUPERDUDES Merchandise
Cool SUPERDUDES Merchandise
SUPERDUDES Century City Mall
Stevie Nicholson (2nd from left) & the rest of SUPERDUDES
So come along on April 16, 2016 and join the adventure and meet Stevie Nicholson together with the rest of the SUPERDUDES Pencil Pirate, Flutterby and Bubble Trouble!

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