Thursday, July 21, 2011

K-On! Trivia Question Contest!

Animax viewers alert! Get your K-On! Fever on as we let you in on a chance to win an exciting and awesome Animax goody bag! Simply enjoy watching K-On! episodes and answer the trivia questions we have for you every week.

Contest Duration for Week 1: July 19July 23

Last week on K-On!, we saw how our four girls were able to finally bring the pop music club back up and how Yui puts up with the challenge of becoming a good guitar player for the band.

So we ask, “What brand of guitar did the girls buy from the store for Yui?

Email your answers to with the subject Animax K-On! Fever. Don’t forget to include your name and contact details on the email. We raffle out all entries and the lucky person we pick out gets LIMITED ANIMAX MERCHANDISE to be announced by mid-August.
Animax K-On!
Look out for next week’s trivia question and stay tuned as we find out how the girls practice and perform for their school’s festival and the freshman assembly as Animax brings you more episodes of K-On!, Mondays to Fridays at 7:00pm.

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