Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eastwood 3D Cinema Opens with Shrek 4

Eastwood City's First 3D Cinema opened earlier this afternoon with a 'fanterrific' movie (terrific fantasy movie) - Shrek Forever After!

Not to be left behind in the 3D craze, Eastwood Cinemas has long prepared for the right time and the right movie to launch their new 3D cinema.

Having experienced different 3D cinemas in SM and IMAX theaters, I appreciate Eastwood 3D cinema's sturdy colored 3D glasses. It can almost be worn like a stylish sunglass without looking nerdy. The 'leaning' seat (I'm not really sure what it's called) made the viewing experience even more comfortable.

I say Shrek Forever After was a good choice to launch their 3D cinema as the movie offered a lot opportunity for amazing action-filled 3D renditions which made the movie come more alive and engaging.

The opening was graced by Kevin Tan, representatives from United International Pictures (UIP), and some celebrities like Gab Valenciano and the Philippine 'Queen of all Media' Kris Aquino-Yap. Being a movie for both kids and adults, Kris Aquino was with her children Josh and Baby James.

Kris also shared her positive 3D cinema experience on her nightly TV show SNN as I am writing this article in front of the TV.

Shrek, The Final Chapter (Shrek 4) is long awaited worldwide as it officially opens locally tomorrow and May 21 in the USA. Try it in Eastwood's 3D cinema!

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