Thursday, January 8, 2015

Welcoming 2015 with Disney On Ice!

Disney On Ice
Disney On Ice w/ My Kids!
Like the past new years' eve, our family welcomed the first day of the new year of 2015 with revelry and joy! That is something expected specially with two kids aged eight and four in our household.

But the second day was on a different level of excitement, not over fireworks and noche buena (new year's eve dinner), but with Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney On Ice characters!

January 2 was the day my daughter and son were anticipating the most - it's the day we were going to see the Disney On Ice 2014: Dare to Dream show at the Smart Araneta Coliseum! Our tickets were hosted Magnolia Chocolait, my kid's favorite "baon" chocolate milk drink in school.
Dare To Dream
Dare To Dream
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse & Friends
Magnolia Chocolait
The Magnolia Chocolait Booth
Disney On Ice 2014: Dare to Dream

This is my kids' first time to see Disney On Ice. We only see the Disney characters on TV, videos, and the Internet. So watching them live and in larger-than-life sizes was truly an experience.

If that was how I found it, imagine the amazement of my kids! :)

Popular characters like Snowhite, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and more were featured as the Disney On Ice characters danced and performed. My daughter Bianca appreciates music and dancing in school so this really made her ecstatic.

Our favorite as a family was the story of Snowhite. Nothing beats that classic fairytale of good versus evil matched with an entertaining show.
Smart Aranets Coliseum
At Smart Aranets Coliseum
Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse
7 Dwarves
The "7 Dwarfs" (6 only in the photo) :)
Rapunzel & Prince Eugene
Meet & Greet w/ Disney Characters
Meet & Greet w/ Disney Characters Rapunzel & Prince Eugene
Meet & Greet with Disney On Ice

And to complete the experience, we had a special meet and greet with the characters of Disney On Ice 2014
Watching them was entertaining but "experiencing" them was another thing to look forward to. Nothing beats hugging and having great photos with them.

Needless to say, the kids (and the child in me) had an awesome time. As a mother, seeing your children have a great time, is already a treat in itself.

Sharing the Joy with Magnolia Chocolait

Thanks to Magnolia Chocolait for giving My Movie Manila the opportunity to catch such an awesome show. Moreover, Magnolia Chocolait enabled us to share this experience with 3 pairs of My Movie Manila readers through a contest a few days before the show.
Magnolia Chocolait
Magnolia Chocolait
Blog readers Regina, Alvin, and Eugene, together with their respective companions, watched the show with us and extremely enjoyed it as well.

Some of the winners are part of the Enchantment PH group who came in Disney costumes (one of their photo album and video below)! Some of the viewers thought they were part of the show but actually, they were part of the audience but just came in costume. :)

Disney On Ice 2015
Daring to Dream for Disney On Ice 2015! :)
Check more of our group's photos in the Facebook page album we have prepared: Click here.
Indeed, either as kids or adults, we should Dare to Dream! My Movie Manila and our family is excited to catch the next Disney On Ice 2015 happening here in Manila, Philippines! Thanks again Magnolia Chocolait!

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