Friday, September 23, 2011

Get A Free Movie Pass courtesy of Smart Rewards

Being grateful for having such good friends since my high school years is spending time with them even if most of us already have our own families. That’s why I spent my Saturday weekend to watch a movie through Smart Rewards with one of my dearest friends, Melyn.

Yes it was a movie date I initiated but it was actually a treat courtesy of my Smart Rewards' free movie and free snack treats for us two. I've been quite a new subscriber of Smart while some friends and family members are long Smart subscribers.

One of the features I found cool in the Smart Rewards is when I get to earn points every time I purchase a regular prepaid card for my calls and text usage.  Before, I usually don't pay attention about its perks but after learning from a friend the cool features of the Smart Rewards program, I decided to register my account. 

I could also earn points valid for redemption for one year. On the other hand, unregistered subscribers can still earn points, the validity of the points earned will be good for only 6 months. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to let go of your earned points especially if at stake are the following:
To redeem the above rewards, you may refer to the table below and check if you’re qualified to any or all of these perks and an instructions how to redeem your points.

Time check is 4:30pm. The movie that we want to watch will start in 15 minutes. I was quite worried that we won’t make it before the movie start because the process to get the freebies might take longer. To my surprise, it was as easy and quick as 1, 2, 3!

Availing for the perks was fun. The bcode machine near the cinema is where you need to scan your mobile phone for the machine to read and validate the code. Smart will send a message after you have redeemed your points.  

The screen instructions are very easy to follow; the machine prints quickly the receipts which I later exchanged for 2 movie passes and pop corns and we headed-on to the cinema.
Yay! Free Movie Passes :)

The Movie - Crazy Stupid Love

 I chose this movie over the new ones even if it has been in theaters for weeks already because I’m a big fan of Ryan Gosling.  I also like Julianne Moore which happens to have an intriguing character. In the movie, she was an almost perfect-looking wife who asks for divorce from her husband after admitting she cheated on him.

I believe the movie is very relatable to husbands and wives out there. The love story of Carl (Carell) and Emily (Moore) is very dear since they started as sweethearts in their high school before they got married and happily shared life with their three children. 

Life seems almost perfect until Emily asks for divorce. Carl began to doubt as to what went wrong in their relationship, he started to doubt himself as well.  It was during his low times when he met a drop-dead gorgeous man, Jacob (Gosling) who suddenly become an agent for Carl’s transformation and helped him renew his self-esteem and do things that would let him get over his wife.
Carl’s transformation was a success but things didn’t go smooth as his heart is not complying for a total makeover. He simply couldn’t just let go of his wife. He wants his life back, the same life he had with Emily before the divorce popped in. Conflicts arose toward the end part of the movie plus a big revelation about Jacob, Carl and his daughter. You should find out about it. :)

It was a fun movie to watch specially that I was with my friend who is still single. I gave her my personal views of the film’s story plus a few dosages on love, relationship and family matters in advance. 
Seriously, there’s a pinch in my heart after watching the movie, it made me appreciate my husband more who at any rate is not a perfect man. At the end of the day, when all the brawls are over, I still look up to him as the only man I would definitely spend my life growing old.

*Contributed by Rowena Iguis
 ('Search for the Blogger Apprentice' participant).

Thanks to Smart for coming up with the Smart Rewards program that helps consumers maximize our mobile consumption and gives value for money we spend. It is surely a cool way to enjoy Smart reward points from being a mobile subscriber of Smart.

Go reward yourself and have a break with your family or friends and enjoy the “Tickets and Treats” from Smart.

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