Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Green and It's Fearless

The Green Lantern movie is a good addition to the list of DC characters-made-into-a-movie that leaves sci-fi movie fans in awe.

The movie started with a narration to familiarize non-comic book followers with the background of Green Lantern. It followed through to establish the human character of future Green Lantern Hal Jordan played by Ryan Reynolds.

I was first apprehensive when news came out long ago that Reynolds would be taking the role of Green Lantern. I was not quite sure if he would fit the character. But after watching the movie premiere the other day, I was satisfied as his comedic nature somewhat fit the role and gave the serious movie its light moments.

Taking the role of Carol Ferris, Blake Lively didn't fail to satisfactorily complement Reynold's character although portraying the usual 'damsel in distress' scenario.
Green Lantern Movie
The variety provided by the Green Lantern Corps was also a fresh sight in contrast to the usual comic book movies with a lone central hero character. The spotlight is somewhat distributed and that the human Green Lantern is not necessarily the strongest around.

As expected the movie effects and aesthetics were outstanding specially if watched in 3D. A friend commented that it was not dark compared to the other 3D sci-fi films he has watched. The plot execution and storyline were also commendable. It will test your 'will' and 'fear.'

Here is the Green Lantern Official Movie Trailer in HD:

Warner Bros. Pictures' The Green Lantern is directed by Martin Campbell. Other actors include Peter Sarsgaard (Hector Hammond) and Mark Strong (Sinestro). Don't fail to watch the short clip after the credits. :P

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